The Hoofed Clan Story and Storywork: Red Lake Ojibwe Foodways and Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Book Chapter
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"Thereby We Shall Live": Tohono O'odham Food Sovereignty and the Confluence of Quantum Leadership, Cultural Vitality, Public Health, and Economic Hybridity

PhD Dissertation
Tristan Reader
Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University (UK)
Publication year: 2018

"Tohono O'odham Himdag and Agri/Culture" in "Religion and Sustainable Agriculture: World Spiritual Traditions and Food Ethics"

Book Chapter
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Fishing for Change: A Pedagogy of Native Food Sovereignty – Chapter in Leadership, Learning, and Food: Global Perspectives on Food Systems Transformation (2017)

Book Chapter
Catherine Etmanski, Editor
Sense Publishers’ International Issues in Adult Education Series
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From I'itoi's Garden: Tohono O'odham Food Traditions – Introduction

Book Chapter
Tohono O'odham Community Action With Mary Paganelli Votto & Frances Manuel
Publication year: 2012

Community Attitudes Toward Traditional Tohono O'odham Foods

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