"Tohono O'odham Himdag and Agri/Culture" in "Religion and Sustainable Agriculture: World Spiritual Traditions and Food Ethics"

Book Chapter
Tristan Reader and Terrol Johnson
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Publication year: 2016

Fishing for Change: A Pedagogy of Native Food Sovereignty – Chapter in Leadership, Learning, and Food: Global Perspectives on Food Systems Transformation (2017)

Book Chapter
Catherine Etmanski, Editor
Sense Publishers’ International Issues in Adult Education Series
Publication year: 2016

From I'itoi's Garden: Tohono O'odham Food Traditions – Introduction

Book Chapter
Tohono O'odham Community Action With Mary Paganelli Votto & Frances Manuel
Publication year: 2012

Community Attitudes Toward Traditional Tohono O'odham Foods

Lopez, D., Reader, T., & Buseck, P. (2002). Community Attitudes Toward Traditional Tohono O’odham Foods.
Publication year: 2002