Tohono O'odham Community Action With Mary Paganelli Votto & Frances Manuel
Publication year: 2012

Years in the making and emerging from generations of knowledge, “From I’itoi’s Garden” is a book about Tohono O’odham food traditions. This comprehensive and respectful look at the foodways of the Tohono O’odham.  It is perhaps the most important ethnographic works about the Tohono O’odham in over 60 years.

[From I’itoi’s Garden] draws upon the knowledge and wisdom of the scores of community members who had a hand in its creation.  Primarily aimed at being a tool for use by the Tohono O’odham community, it was produced with the community.  It emerges from over a 14 years of community-based work by Tohono O’odham Community Action (TOCA) to revitalize a Tohono O’odham food system that promotes wellness, cultural vitality, community, self-sufficiency, ecological responsibility and sustainable economic development.

– From the Introduction